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TIBCO BW Online Training

"TIBCO" means EAI i.e. Enterprise Application Integration. Tibco enables information & sends to applications. (TIBCO BW online training is provided by Online Training Materials)

Tibco Properties:

-         Exchange of information between legacy systems (or) enterprise systems. A legacy system means different systems.

-         Data synchronization between systems, which means whenever the address given in one system changes, then automatically the other system address is also changed.

DOMAINS OF EAI: It has 'n' number of domains.  

For exchange of information we need 3 parts. They are

a.     Location

b.    Protocol

c.     Data

     -"CORBA" is used for converting the information.

     Eg: - From Java to .net i.e. java --> corba --> .Net

     -"Tibco" is used for integration of programming.

     Eg: - from Java to java i.e. java -->  RMI --> Java

     RMI - Remote Method Interface. (Online Training Materials is the best institute for TIBCO BW online coaching)

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