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Verification (vs) validation process:-

 Left side i.e., verification is the i/p for right side activity i.e., customer requirements are the inputs to carry out acceptance testing. Similarly, System requirements are the i/p's  for system testing. Each step of project development is followed by test to find the defects as soon as possible. (TESTING TOOLS real time training  is offered at Online Training Materials)

White box testing :- it is visible (combination of unit + integration)

Black box testing:- it is invisible (combination of system + acceptance)

Objectives of testing;-  to make sure whether the developed s/w is meeting the customer business requirements (or) not. Findings defects. To make sure all reported problems are resolved (or) not. To deliver a quality product & risk free product, testing is required.

Positive testing:- testing an application with a positive perception to  make sure system working as expected (or) not.  Ex:- login page with correct user name & password checking login functionality with valid user name & password to make sure login working as expected (or) not is called "+ve testing". Positive testing is helpful to ensure system is developed as per the requirements (or) not. Negative testing: - testing an application with an negative perception with an intension of making system fail is called as "negative testing". Ex:- checking the browser navigation after logout. i.e., whether after pressing back  button it should cum back to login page but not to inbox. Checking direct url access for inbox page.

Note;- negative testing is helpful to find the defects. Hence we have to test in a way of finding faults. 

Note:- testing comes under = QC

Role (or) responsibilities of a testor:-

1)    Understanding the product (or) project

2)    Adhoc testing (or) informal testing

3)    Formal testing (writing and executing testing)

4)    Finding defects & reporting defects

5)    Re-testing and regressive testing   

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Re- testing = again testing in order to resolve the problem i.e., debus errors has removed or not

Regressive testing = came as re-testing boot if any changes (or) updation comes to product, we should test again occur to updation called r.t

6)    Developing automation scripts  (code) i.e,. QTP, selenium or the automation. Tools

7)    Executing the automation scripts

8)    Analyzing test results

9)    Report the defects, to the programmers

Note: - informal (or) adhoc testing:- it is a process of checking the product without detailed manner. It is used in small application. It doesn't manner. It is used in small application. It doesn't follow any procedural way (directly checks away)

Formal testing:- it is a process of checking the product very deeply- it does have to follow some procedural (or) step-by-step process. It is mainly used in maintains product (i.e., very big MNC companies ) (Best TESTING TOOLS training is provided by Online Training Materials)                 

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