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Inductions to Software testing :-

What is testing  :- Testing is a process/checking whether the devolved software working according to the customer business requirements and finding out the defects.  (Online Training Materials are the best TESTING TOOLS Training institute)

What the test:- We have to validate the following characteristic of a s/w in s/w application

Functionally                                     Compatibility

Performance                                    Usability

Load                                                 User interfaces (appearances)

Security                                            etc.,                                 

Manual testing:-   If any testing activity i.e.,  either functional (or) performance testing (or) loading etc.. are carried out with manual effort is called  "manual testing"

Automatic testing:-     If we make testing process automatically with the help of s/w present in the market like QTP, selenium, load runner etc., is called "Automatic testing". It is applicable only for maintenance projects

 What is project:- It a s/w application is designed for a specific customer then it is called as "project"

What is product:-   Is a s/w application is designed for multiple customers then it is called "product"

Service based:-

Product based:-

Error :- any incorrect human action which produces wrong results is called "error" People who involved in devolving Team etc---  May occur errors

Defect/bugg /fault:-  deviation b/w expected behavior of the system to actual behavior of the system is called "defect/bugg /fault". i.e., if we expected the value of the o/p does not meet with the actual value of the o/p.                     

Failure :-if end user identify the problem while using the application, this can be called as "failure". If the impact of the issue is high the failure will arises.

Note :- presence of errors results in defects. Presence of defects results in failure of s/w rs

When defects will arise, while developing the s/w:-

Defects may occur because of wrong requirements (or) wrong design (or) wrong coding. Mast of the defects approximately 56% are occurring because of wrong requirement. In order to identify the defects as soon as possible, testing should start right from the requirements. If defects are identified at early stages, it takes less cost to resolve. If the same defects is identifies at labor stages, it takes huge cost. So, in order to reduce cost of fixing defects early testing is preferred.

What is software testing:- it is a process of verifying (or) re-developing right  (or) not and validating does the developed product is right (or) not.

s/w testing = verification+ validation

Verification process:- it is a process of checking (or) re-developing right product (or) not. It is also called as "static testing" i.e., no dynamic interaction. As nothing to be executed again.

Validation process:- it is a process of validating the developed product is right (or) not. It is also called as "dynamic testing". (TESTING TOOLS real time training with placement assistance institute was held by Online Training Materials) 


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