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Selenium Online Training


Selenium:- mostly used open source automation tool mainly used for functional tes

ting. Supports web application & some mobile application.  (Online Training Materials is one of the top leading SELENIUM Training institute)      



1.We can run script in multiple browsers useful to check browser compatibility

1.Runs only in IE if we run on other browser again we need to purchase plug in

2. Open source

2. License required

3. Only runs on windows, linux, MAC, unix---    because we are using Java for scripting which is

3.only runs on windows os because it is platform dependent

4. can be written in java net, run by, python

4. written in only vb- script

5. Web base application

5. Web - based, client -server desktop

Selenium components supports only html

1.     Selenium IDE = record and play back tool and fixe fox add -on

2.     Selenium RC( remote control) =  scripting tool

3.     Selenium  web driver

4.     Selenium grid = it is a components that is used for executing the scripts that are written in web - driver and grid parallel and also can execute remotely

Developed by though works in 2006


View selenium IDE

Toggle break point is used to set break point so that up to that cmd the test suite will run. That is the test suite runs up to that particular command where we set break point                           

Advantages of automation

1.     Faster

2.     Reliable

3.     Repeatable

4.     Reusable

5.     Programmable

6.     Supports data parameterization = to pass the test data through XL or DB

7.     24*7 environment                               

Features of selenium IDE :-  1. Easily record the scripts and easily play the scripts

It record page title automatically

It supports auto complete commands

Easily set start & break point (right click on program)

Click on options = format

Extend selenium IDE as per our requirement

Icons in selenium IDE:- default time of "open" end = 30,000ms

Command = action (or) what to do

Target = where to do

Value = input

Log= it displays error, debug, warning

Reference= it gives the total information (SELENIUM real time training with placement assistance institute is provided by Online Training Materials)



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