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SAP WebDynpro Online Training

Step 1:-

1)    First create a component (Online Training Materials are providing the best SAP WEB DYNPRO real time training) 

Web Dynpro component is a collection of different components.

          I. Window



             Window--> Faceless Entity

                                                                            View  --> visual Entity

   This view will be called on webpage.

  Create a component window automatically created.     

   Without window you cannot display the view.

SE80  --> Web Dynpro

ZWDA_1000 --> Create --> short desc and window name.

Component Controller --> Global data

Interface Controller --> Window

Whenever a WD controller is created by default Component controller, Interface controller, window is created.

Component acts as heart of Web Dynpro. 

Components are also reusable i.e. it can be called and used by other components.

Component controller contains methods, events, attributes.

Component controller is visible to all controllers i.e. it's a global controller to any controller.

We have 5 different types of controllers

1)    Component Controller:-

This is the default one created when any Web Dynpro component is created. It is a global access point to all other controllers. We can have only one component controller for a component.

2)    Custom Controller:-

    This is created at run time and can have multiple custom controllers. This is instantiated whenever any method of component controller is fired. System cannot guarantee the instantiation of custom controller, so there should not be any dependency logic written in custom controllers.

              In real time we really create custom controllers. Only when the load is more on the main controller i.e. component controller then we may create custom controller.

              Load more on main component means multiple service calls called on the component. Custom Controller are created explicitly.

3)    View Controller:-

View controller will get data from or to view. This is also called as local controller.

4)    Window Controller:-

Window controller is used to start the views using plugs.

5)    Configuration Controller:-

This is a special controller used for user configuration or personalization settings etc.., (Best SAP WEB DYNPRO training is offered by Online Training Materials)

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