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SAP WebDynpro Online Training

MVC Architecture:-


1. MVC-> Design Pattern

2. Factory Pattern

3. Singleton Pattern

Model -> It contains Business Logic (Reading data from database)                                                  

View -> It contains UI elements (SAP WEB DYNPRO Training is offered by Online Training Materials) 

  Data supplied from model to view. This happens through controller.

Using model we generate the data and we are not interested in how it be displayed on the view.

Data is visualized w/o considering how the generated.

    View-> visual entities        Model-> faceless entities

Input UI element

Press button event will be first.

Control flow control the data flow of model & view.

Web Page                                                       Dynpro control

UI element                                                       (CFW) --> Control Flow

                                                                      Model will get the data

                                                          View is used to display the data.

WDA will build browser based application. (It will support all browsers)

M --> Model

V  --> View

C  --> Controller           

SE80 --> Web Dynpro complaint --> ZWDA_1000 (Online Training Materials are the best SAP WEB DYNPRO real time training institute) 


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