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SAP BASIS Online Training

ERP: Enterprise |Resource |Planning 

ERP is a software package to run any business (SAP BASIS Training is offered by Online Training Materials)


SAP:    Systems Application in data processing

ABAP: Advanced Business Application Programming

BASIS: Business Application software integrated solutions.

1.    Here ERP is validated on its functionality & user friendly. Here integration is tight, easy to handle.



1.    Versions


SAP R/3 --> 3.0

SAP R/3 --> 3.1, F, H, I

        R/3 --> 4.0B, 4.5B, 4.6B, 4.6c

        R/3 --> 4.7 EE

2004 NW04 XI, EP ECC5.0, MOM, BIW, ERP central component

           NW04 SPI, EP ECC 6.0

NW --> NW 7, 7.1, ECC6.0 SR2

              P171, EP

Senior BASIS Upgrades:-

Kernel upgrade

Database upgrade

SAP release upgrade (Unicode, Non unique code)

     Network Administration

                     I.            J2EE Engine

                   II.            PI/BI/EP

                III.            S&D Configuration

      Audit log configuration

      Ccms alert configuration (System alerts for problems to download)

      Early watch alerts

      Solution Manager

      SAP Router   (Online Training Materials are the best SAP BASIS Training institute)

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