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ABAP: Advanced Business Application Programming

Development means creating objects from the scratch by using tools like report writer, report painter, menu painter, smart forms, ABAP editor, function builder/screen painter etc., (SAP ABAP Training  is provided by Online Training Materials)

Enhancement --> extending the functionality of existing objects by using SAP modifications (SMOD), custom modifications (CMOD).

Logical Thinking --> creativity/ideas

ABAP: It is a programming language developed by SAP-AG (Active Globe), for programming business applications in SAP environment, in the year 1972 by 4 former IBM employees. Previously, it is only procedural language. Now, it is an object oriented language (OOABAP).

In SAP-NW, ABAP is the programming interface of applications server ABAP (As ABAP).

Most of the components of an AS ABAP can be organized according to their tasks in the layers of 3-tier client server architecture. These tiers include:

1.    Presentation Layer

2.    Application Layer

3.    Data Base Layer

Presentation Layer (SAP GUI/SAP fronted): The presentation layer is distributed to the workstations of individual users & represents user interface of AS ABAP/web browser (web Dynpro/web dynamics)

Application Layer: It is realized by one or more application servers. The application layer contains ABAP runtime environment written in C & C++ programs are executed.

The application server is a software layer of an AS ABAP in which application programs are executed.

Mainly it constitutes:

1.    Message Service

2.    Gateway Service

3.    Dispatcher

4.   Work Process (Online Training Materials are the best SAP ABAP Training institute) 

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