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SAS Online Training

 SAS (statistical analysis software)

What is SAS

Development in SAS

SAS role in life science & (business) banking industry for jobs.

Analysis: the way of processing to give solution for query or required. Data is available in electronic files or software files software data is available up to 52 electronic files, also called data base files. (Sas training online is provided by Online Training Materials)

SAS is also called decision making analysis       


Data ware housing tool

Statistical analysis tool both are decision making tool

Reporting tool

Simplest analysis tool is excel

Next ----- SPSS

Next ----- mini tab



Data stage these are data ware housing tools

BO & cargos can do analysis & reporting

Development in SAS:-  james good night- father of SAS

In 1959 he got a project - world wide agricultural & analysis

He discovered a tool used with 'c' language

In 1970 launched in New York  as statically analysis tool

And in 1980 - changed as software graphical report.

In 1990 - changed as a data ware housing tool

SAS role in life sciences & banking:-

16 industries require SAS

1 science

2 banking

3 insurance

4 retail business

5 Health care

6 Communication

7 Education

8 finance (Online sas training is offered by the best institute which is Online Training Materials)


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