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People soft online training

To deploy app 3 things are required.

1.     Apps-------- people tools /people soft apps

2.     RDBMS-------- oracle/ DB2/ SQL server/ Sybase/ Informix

3.     Operating------------ windows/ UNIX/ 05390 system

Load tools first on that we have to deploy the app

People soft is portable (Online Training Materials is one of the best  People Soft Training Center...)

People soft gives some valid combinations of RDBMS & OS. We cannot use as we like

People tools definitions will be stored in database

Using people tool different we are going to build database object

People soft pure internal

Dev 2000/vb/.net/java

Definitions (menu, forms, will be stored on file server

Using data base objects we are going to develop  front end definitions (forms)

Normal web architecture-arch for web applications. Technology side SAP is good bcause of the processor

Compared to people soft, SAP is effective while doing online transactions.  


Web developer develops some web pages which are placed on web server

Web server maintenance

Changes made in development environment will not reflect  automatically in browser

People soft architecture

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