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People soft online training

People soft is an ERP package

ERP ----- SAP

Oracle apps

People soft apps

People soft one

Sel bell apps

Now a-days all these com under oracle apps

ERP - Enterprise resource planning (Online Training Materials Provides PEOPLE SOFT real time training with placement assistance institute...)


SAP packages --- HR, FI, S&D, CRM for customers

Oracle apps  - HRMS, Financials, MFG, CRM

People soft apps  MCMS, financials, supply chair

People soft one CRM, EPM, campus solution for students.

Each package represent one resource.

A company can choose different packages from different. Vendors because they can be integrated but it is costlier medium, small companies uses all packages. From single vendor.

Vanilla implementation to change the business process according to the ERP (upgrade is easier ) without any customization we should not change the ERP.

People soft

Technical                                                                                          functional

People tools------------------------------------------------------people soft apps

Dev 2000/JAVA/ HTML--------------------------------------- oracle apps

ABAP ------------------------------------------------------------- SAP Apps

People tools

8.48/8.49 _ Latest versions _ HCMS 9.0

Financial CMs 9.0 CRM 9.0 (Online Training Materials Offers you PEOPLE SOFT Training in Australia,USA,UK,Newzland and INDIA...)


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