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Oracle SQL

1.      SQL Concepts

     Sub languages

(i)       DDL (create , after, drop, truncate, rename)

(ii)      DML ( insert, update, delete, merge)

(iii)    DQL (Select)

(iv)   DCL (Grant, revoke)

(v)  TCL (commit, roll back) (Online Training Materials was one of the best ORACLE SQL Training institute) 

2.   Special operators

In                         not in

Between              not between

Is null                   is not null

Like                      not like

3.   Functions

A redefine function

i)     Number function

ii) Character function ( upper, lower, unit cap, length, substr, in str, lpad, r pad, l trim, r tn'm, trim, translate (), replace ( ), character by character, string by string

iii)  Date function

iv)  Group (or) aggregate function

{sys date, add_months( ), last_day, next_day ( ), month- between}

4.   Group by, rule, roll up, web,

5.   Joins

1.   Equi join (or) inner join

2.   Non equi join

3.   Self join

4.   Outer join these are 8i joins 9i ansi join

1.   Inner join

2.   Left outer join

3.   Right outer join

4.   Full outer join

5.   Natural join

6.   Constaints

1.   Not null

2.   Unique

3.   Primary key

4.   Foreign key

5.   Check 7 relation b/w table, oracle server

1.   Deletion in master

2.   Insertion in child

Dropping constraints

Sub query's

1.   None core relate sub query

Single roll sub query

2.   Core related sub query

 Multiple column sub query

3.   Parent query - 2nd executed

Child query -1st executed

Inline views (or) sub query's in from class

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