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          2. customization /develop

In the menu every tab is nothing but a site (SHARE POINT real time training is offered by Online Training Materials) 

Home is root level site

Document center tab click

Document center :- is a website to hold the document information to the relevant areas of the organizations and share with others by using of documents center you can upload the relevant document  on the menu bar

Click on document center: it takes you to the document center page (dash board)

It will have announcements, tasks and documents. Based on our requirement will customize the document center.

News: to announce any information that will be share with other menu bar news site will be use full. The news is belongs to external or internal of the organization, you can publish the articles from this location you can customize news homepage according to your requirement

Reports: reports are useful to save the result to the end user point or

View organization or stake holders. You can publish reports in this location based on your requirements.           

Search:- to search relevant information (document, itemi, pages, etc). the search is more useful. It contain security different categories (search, advanced search, all sites and people)

Sites:- using the sites you can create sub site in the site directory location, its having the different deviations [information text, RLD, sales, fin], region [local, national, international] and tasks and tests. By using of these features will develop or create relevant sites.

Creating the sites:- from the home page.

Step 1: click on sites --> click on create site

Enter title (my finance), description (ABC company finance) URL (my finance)

Template section:- click on : relevant tab [collaboration, meeting, enterprise, publishing) click on collaboration --> select a blank site

Permission: select [use default]

Navigation inheritance : select : no

Site categories (select relevant categories) .

My finance

Then we are getting the new my finance site

Click on create

Go to site homepage :

Click on: relevant divisions (you will find relevant sites)(links)

Creating and using announcements:- announcements are used to share the information from one location. It is just like news, status and other short bit of information's. In the team  site announcement is default feature it will be default displayed in the site home page, you can use this by clicking on announcement --> click on new

Enter the title, body and expired date

Click on new item


The item information will be displayed in the homepage. The end users will share this and this information will be displayed based on the expire date. In the announcement list you will find list of announcements items to manage. Select item properties

Click on edit

Here you can update or delete

Creating the announcement form the search

From the site click on site action


Click on create

Under communications section

Click on announcements

Enter the name (my announcement), description, navigation

And click on create. The announcements will be created and it takes you to announcement directly

Click on new

Click on new item

Enter the relevant information click on


You will find the newly created announcement in the left path under list section  (SHARE POINT real time training with placement assistance is offered by Online Training Materials)

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