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SharePoint Online Training

After successfully installing the share point portal server and configuring the app.  (Online Training Materials is one of the best SHARE POINT Training institute)

Click start - programs - Ms office server - share point 3.0 central administrate

Then enter the authentication exdevitials then the central administration page wise be opened in that click on app manage menu tab - click on

Create or extend web app. Under share point web app mange menu

Dection --> Click on create a new web application under this

Under this

Select the create new IIS web site option

Enter description (by default sys will display default description >

Enter the port number (the page from 1 to 65535)

(by default sys will provide default port no)

Enter the host header (to access your URL of the app)

Path in this path physical information of the app will be created)

Ex:-  c:/intepvo/wwwroot/wss/virtual/directors/3456                                              

Security configuration :-

Authentication provider

Select the NTLM option (new technology LAN mange.

By default it will be selected)

Allow anonymous 

Select - No - previous authentication

Use secure socket layer

Select no option

Load balancing URL [to access your application ]

Http://server :3456/                                            

Application pool:- by default sys will select create new application pool option . enter the app pool name (system by set default create the application pool)

System by default select configurable option enter the user name and password (server name /administration, password

Reset internet information services

Database name and authentication:- by default sys will display DB server notice and DB notice (you can customize these two)

DB authentication

Windows or sq (authentication

Select sql authentication enter account name and password then click on ok.

You will get message application created, in the same page you will find. Create site collection link

Under create site collection

Enter the title, description

In the template selection section select publish tab select

Collaboration portal, enter the primary site collection administrators user name (ex. Server/administrated)

Enter the secondary site collection admin user name (optional)

Select the quota template

For providing space for your application

Then click ok

Then you will get top- level site successfully created message

And you will find a link (ex: http://server :3456)

Click on it

The new site will be opened enter the authentication

Click on ok

The site will be opened successfully

The relevant DB also created in the DB you will find in the spl server.

Open sql server--> Go to data base

You will find the relevant tables (91 tables)


Expand the programmability select stored procedures (696)

Functions etc..

Go to the c:/inetpub/www.root/wss/virtualdirectories/3456location

You will find the physical information of the newly created web app

Go to IIS - expand the websites - in that you will find newly created web app in that

Expand the application pool you will find the newly created application pool for the new web application. (SHARE POINT Training is provided by Online Training Materials)


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