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Introduction to Asp.Net course:-

1.   When we look into web development originally web development started with HTML. (ASP .NET Training is offered by Online Training Materials)

2. HTML is used for designing purpose.

3. We cannot use HTML to implement any kind of validation/events

4. If we consider a webpage like


5. Here we can perform the design of the page like creating text boxes, buttons etc comfortably by using HTML

6. But we cannot implement any kind of validation like checking user enter username or not password or not etc. And events like what to do when user clicks on login button etc. Because of this the pages developed using HTML are called as 'static web pages'.

7. To overcome this drawback we use DHTML.

8. DHTML is the combination of HTML & client side scripting language.


A client is a software tool nothing but a browser using which we send

request to the server to get the required information over internet.


1.   IE

2. Mozilla

3. Netscape navigator (GUI browser)

4. Opera

5. Google Chrome (Online Training Materials is one of the best ASP .NET Training Institute)

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