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Microsoft SSRS Online Training

SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services


Data Source: Logical connection between application (SSRS) and database.

Report Server: Report server is the core engine that drives reporting services. The URL for report server is http://Local host /Report Server. (Online Training Materials are providing best Online Training for Microsoft SSRS Course)                                                 

Report Manager: Report Manager is a web based administrative interface for reporting services.

Report Designer (BIDS): It is a developer tool for building simple and complex reports using existing report item templates.

Example:  Different Chart Templates

                     1) Table                                                        

                     2) Columns

                     3) Rectangle 

                     4) List

                     5) Image

                     6) Matrix etc.

Report Builder: It is a simplified end user or adhoc reporting tool for building simple reports.

Table Report Item: It is used to display data in grid format that has a fixed number of columns and variable number of rows.

Steps to configure table report Item:

Open business intelligence development studio

Select File Menu 

Select New

Select Project

Under Business Intelligence Projects select report server project option to build simple and complex reports on development environment.

Change the location and name of the project

Click ok

Press Alt + Ctrl +L for solution explorer

Select shared data source and right click. Select add new data source option from context menu or right click popup menu.

Set, in share data source editor,

Data source - Rename it as D Source Product


Type - Microsoft SQL server (Microsoft SSRS Online Training is offered by Online Training Materials)                           

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