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Microsoft SSIS Online Training

SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services

SQL server integration service is an ETL tool. By using SSIS we can create data transformation service (extract data from various operational sources like excel, flat files, SQL server, oracle etc..,). Transform the source business data by using existing transformation in staging area or transformation area and load and store it into destination data base or file system. (Online Training Materials are the best and leading institutes for providing Microsoft SSIS online training)


SSIS Architecture is categorized into two components

1.SSIS runtime Engine: The SSIS runtime engine completely handles the control flow of the package.

Control Flow: Control flow of a package defines actions that are to be executed when the package run. The control flow contains various tasks and containers as well.

TASK: A unit of work in a work flow.

For example: Data flow task, Execute SQL task etc.

Container: Container is used to divide the package into multiple blocks.

For example: for loop container, for each look container, Sequence container and task post container.

2. Data flow transformation pipeline engine: The data flow transformation pipeline engine completely handles the data flow of the package. The data flow contains, data flow sources (excel source, flat file, OLEDB etc), data flow transformations (conditional split transformation) derived column transformation, lookup transformation etc..,) and data flow destination. (Microsoft SSIS Training Online is offered by Online Training Materials)

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