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Awt, swing, collection frame work, JDBC, Indi (java naming & directory interfaces) (J2EE Training was provided by Online Training Materials)

The alternate technologies for jse module are

VB, VB.net, D2k (developer 2000).

These technologies based applications are platform dependent architecture specific, where as the JSE module application are architecturally natural & plat form independent.  As of now 3 popular architecture are there to manufacture computers, each architecture gives methodology & plan of manufacturing computer

They IBM architecture

Apple architecture

Sun architecture

The C,C++ generated . one files not only contains operating system related instructions but they also contains instructions related to under laying computer architecture due  to this we can say C,C++ languages are platform dependent & architecture specific where as java programming language is platform independent and architecturally natural because a java compiler generated . class file does not contain under laying O.S. computer architecture instructions

J2EE (JAVA Enterprise edition)

It is not installable S/w, it is given as specific,

J2EE specification contains rules & guidelines to develop web server & application server S/W ( like tomcat, web logic & etc.)

Note:- working with jee is nothing but working with one or other web server or application server s/w to develop the applications. These web server, application server s/w's are install able s/w's for J2EE module JSE module is base module

Using J2EE module the following app's can be developed

1.     Web application (web sites)

2.     Distributed apps

3.     Enterprise apps

4.     N-tier app's (Online Training Materials are offering the Best J2EE training)

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