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Since java can be to develop all kinds of software applications. It is called as programming suite. 3 modules of java programming suite:- (Online Training Materials is one of the best J2EE Training institute) 

1.     JSE module - java standard edition

2.     JEE module - java enterprise edition (long sale application)

3.     JME module - Java mobile edition or micro edition

JSE:- it is install able software as jdk s/w.

Latest version is:  7.0 (dolphin)

                             6.0 (mustang)

                             5.0( tiger)

This module is given to develop standalone, desktop application, two-tier application, applet, the application that is specific to one computer & contains main method is called stand alone application. The standalone application that GUI-ness is called as desktop application

EX:- AWT frame window application

Swing frame window application

A typical desktop application :-


Awt/swing frame window application

Value1        -->    Diagram of Box

Value 2       --> diagram of Box

Add                                                   sub

(desktop app)


The application that contains two layers communicating with each other is called as two -tier application. a layer represents logical partition in the application having logics. The two layers of two tier application can be there in a single computer or can be there in two different computers


Socket programming based client server App (2 tier app)


To execute multiple (programs) java applications partially  or simultaneously from a single computer multiple JVM's will be activated simultaneously or partially  applet is not desktop application it is a compiled java class, that can be sent over the network as webpage giving automate to the html paged from pages (J2EE Training was provided with best tutors from Online Training Materials...)


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