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Object Oriented Programming Language:-

       Object oriented programming languages are very good when compared with structured programming languages. Because object oriented language will provide,  (Online Training Materials are the Best CORE JAVA training Institutes)

a)    Modularity

b)   Abstraction

c)    Security

d)    Code re usability

e)    Loosely coupled design

f)      E0 of design


          It is very difficult to represent real world entities in the form of coding part in structured programming language but representing real world entities in the form of coding part is very simple in the case of object oriented programming language.

         Object oriented programming language is not good when compared with aspect oriented programming language.

         Because, object oriented programming language still tightly coupled design.

         This programming language provides less scalability.

         This programming language provides less code re usability.

Aspect Oriented Programming Language:-

         Aspect oriented programming language is defined on the basis of aspect orientation.

         Aspect orientation is a methodology; it is a set of rules and regulation to improve loosely coupled design, sharability and re usability in enterprise application development.

         If we design any enterprise application by using object oriented programming then we are able to provide both business logic & services logic like authentication, authorization, security, data validation, exception handling in combined manner.

                   In this approach, the processes like compilation debugging, testing are very difficult, which like provide less re usability, sharability and tightly coupled design.

         In the above concept, to improve sharability, re usability and loosely coupled design, we have to provide aspect orientation over enterprise application.

         In case of aspect orientation, we will separate all the services logic from business logic, we will declare all the services as 'aspect' and we will inject all the aspect in our enterprise application at runtime.


Aspect orientation is not useful directly in the application development is used for product development like 'spring framework'. (CORE JAVA Training was offered by Online Training Materials...)


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