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There are 3 types of  DBMS

1.  Relation DBMS:- It will represent the data in the form of  tables in, the DBMS, to perform database operation we have to use a separate query long lie; SQL (Structured query language). (Advanced Java real time training is provided by Online Training Materials)

2. Object Oriented DBMS:-  It will store the data in the form of objects in this DBMS, we are able to use OQ2, (Object Query language) as query lang to perform database operation

3. Object Relational DBMS:-  It will store the data in the form of table & objects to perform data base operation in ORDBMS we have to use SQL3  as query lang. where SQL3 is a combination of SQL2+ OQL

                     SQL3 = SQL2+ OQL

JDBC Definition:- 

  •  JDBC is a step by step approach to interact with Data base from the Java apple, in order to perform database operation
  •  JDBC is an API, it will provide very good env, to connect with DB from Java Apple, in order perform DB operation.
  •  JDBC is technology, is can be used to interact with DB from Java apple in order to perform DB operations.
  •  JDBC is an abstraction provided by sun MC S/m & implemented by DB vendors  to interact with db from java apple in order to perform DB operation.

4.Query Processing S/m:- It we submit an Sql query to DB from Sql prompt then DB engine will receive that sql query & DB engine will execute the sql query by performing the following actions

5 . Query Tokenization :- This phase will take the provide sql query as an input , it will divided that sql query into no. of tokens and generate stream of token as an o/p.

6. Query parsing :- This phase will take stream of tokens as 1/p & it will construct a tree called as Query Tree. If the query tree is success then no syntax errors in the provided sql query. If query tree is failure then same syntax error are existed in the provide sql query. (Best Advanced Java training in Hyderabad is offered by Online Training Materials)

Note :- The main purpose of query parsing from is to check syntax errors in the provided sql queries.

Query Optimization:-  The main purpose of this phase is to reduce execution time & to optimize memory utilization by performing no. of optimization mechanism over query tree.

Query execution :-  This phase will included interpreters to execute optimized query tree in order to perform DB operations.                                 

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