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As part of enterprise apple development it is convention to manage organization details like emp details, product details, client details, service details

In enterprise apple development, to manage the above specified date we have to use storage areas. (Online Training Materials was the best Advanced Java Training institute)         

There are two types of storage areas:

1.     Temporary storage Area., 2. Permanent storage area.

1.     Temporary storage area:

These are memory elements to store data temporary.

Ex:- Buffer, Java objects. 

2.     Permanent storage Areas:    

These are memory elements to store the data permanently. Ex:- file system, DBMS, data warehouse.

1.     File system:-

File s/m are provided by the total operating s/m, these are not suggestible for platform independent programming language , like java

a)     File s/m are able to store less data

b)     It is able to provide less security

c)     It is able to increase data rendering

d)    No very long is support for file s/m.

DBMS is very good when compared with file s/m because,

  •         It is platform independent
  •         It is able to store more data
  •         It is able to provide very good security for the data
  •         It is able to reduce data redundery
  •         It is having query long support

DBMS is not good when compared with Data ware house because,

It is able to store less data

It is not having fast retrieval mechanism.

3 Data ware houses:-

          When compared with file s/m & DBMS, Data warehouse are able to store large volumes of data

When compared with file s/m & DBMS, Data warehouses are able to have fast retrieval mechanism in the form of Data Mining Techniques. (Advanced Java Training is offered by Online Training Materials from India)



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