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IBM Frame Works Online Training


-> IBM mainframes were started in 1950's

-> 70% of the business data all over the world is maintaining by the mainframe systems only. (Online Training Materials are providing  coaching for IBM FRAME WORKS with expert faculty)

Features of the mainframe system:-

1.    Any huge data can be stored.

2.    High processing speed of 80 MIPS (Millions of Instructions per Second) on any huge data.

3.    Data security with no virus threats.

4.    It is highly available (99.999%)

Technical Skills we need to learn on mainframe:

1)   COBOL: Common Business Oriented Language. This is the programming language (Best) for business API.

2)   JCL:  Job Controlling Language. (Compilation & execution will be done by using this language)

3)   DB2: Data Base 2 (Relational Data Base Management System)

4)   VSAM: Virtual Storage Access Method (This is used in the file concepts)

5)   CICS: Customer Information Control System (It is the online front end System)


-> Usually computer is having some amount of memory called hard disk. Initially the hard disk is not at all having any data. We will install operating system and drivers which are required. (IBM FRAME WORKS training is offered by Online Training Materials)

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