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Data Warehousing Concepts:

Data: - Anything which can be understood by a system is called as data.

We have 2 types of data.

1.    Transactional data.

2.    Analytical data.

Transactional data: - Transactional data will be generated by customer transactions. (OBIEE Training is provided by Online Training Materials)

Ex: - ATM, Gmail ID, IRCTC ticket booking etc.

These transactional data will be stored in a database that database is called as transactional database (or) On-line transactional processing (OLTP) or ODS (Operational Data Source).

Transactional data is useful to run your business.

Analytical data: - Analytical data will be derived from transactional data.

Analytical data is useful to analyze business.

Analytical data will be stored in a data base that database is called as data warehouse (or) OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

Difference between OLTP and OLAP: -

OLTP (or) ODS                                

1)    It is Useful to run the business.                                                        

2)    It supports create, read, update and delete functionalities.         

3)    It is application oriented database                                         

4)    In OLTP data is isolated                         

5)    It is Volatile in nature.                           

6)    It contains current and detailed data.                                              

7)    Numbers of users are more                  

  OLAP (or) DW

1)  It is useful to analyze the business.

2)  It supports only read functionality. Due to this reason DWH is also called as read only database.     

3)  It is a subject oriented Database.

4)  In OLAP data is integrated.  

5)  It is Non-volatile in nature.   

6)  It contains historical and Summarize data.

7)  Numbers of users are less. (Online Training Materials is one of the best OBIEE real time training institute) 

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