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Data Warehouse:

Definition: A data ware house is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is especially designed for analyzing the trend of the business and making decision to achieve the business goals, but not for business transactional processing. (Online Training Materials are the best INFORMATICA Training institute...) 

2.  A data ware house is an integrated database which consolidates data from multiple OLTP data bases.

3. A data ware house is a historical data base.

4. A data ware house is a read-only data base (select query).

5. A data ware house is a decision supporting system (DSS).

What I need to build Data ware house?

I want to build data ware house. We need Relational databases.

      I.            Relational database.

   II.            Database that supports enormous storage capacity (Billions of rows and tera bytes of data).

III.            Database that supports parallel reading (select)

IV.            Database that supports unlimited scalability (extension).

  V.            Data base that supports high availability. Software components, hardware components, software is down and 100% data is available to users i.e., High availability.

Types of ETL:

If we want to consolidate the ETL we want to implement ETL process.

Data Acquisition: It is a combination of E+T+L (Extraction+Transformation+Loading). It is a process of extracting data from multiple operational source system transforming the data to the desired business format and delivers the data to the target or destination systems. (INFORMATICA Training is provided by Online Training Materials.)

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