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Data stage is a client-server technology and integrated tool set used for designing, running monitoring and administrating the data acquisition applications known as Jobs.  (DATA STAGE Training is provided by Online Training Materials)

A job is a graphical representation of data flow from source to target.

A job is a logical representation of data movement from source to target.

A job is designed with following components

a)   Source Definition

b)  Target Definition

c)    Transformation Rule(Business Logic)

The data stage product originally developed by Ascetical software. From 2003 IBM marketing the product.

Data stage is a GUI based ETL product from IBM Company.

    Data stage enterprise software:-

   When install the data stage client software the following client components gets installed.

1.   Data stage Designer

2.   Data stage Director

3.   Data stage Manager

4.   Data stage Administrator

When we install the server software the following components get install

                  I.            Data stage Server

               II.            Data stage Repository

  Data stage is a platform independent, which supports huge variety of operating systems to run the data acquisition applications (Jobs).

The client software is installed on windows environment and server software is installed on UNIX box.  (Online Training Materials are one of the best DATA STAGE Training institute) 

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