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UNIX is a CUI operating system

LINUX is the most important achievement of free software, it has been developed for business, educations & personal productivity. LINUX is not just for UNIX wizards. LINUX is a clone of O/S. (Online Training Materials is one of the best SHELL SCRIPTING Training institute)

UNIX HISTORY:-  the journey of UNIX operating system had been stated from the project MULTICS (multiplex information and computing system) at & T (American telephone & telegraph) Bell labs; the software team lead by ken thomson, dennis ritchies & rudd candy worked on this project. The aim of this project is to share the same data by 'n' number of users at the same time. Initially, MULTICS was developed of only two users.  Based on the same concept in 1969, UNICS operating system was developed for 100's  of users. UNICS stands for (uniplexed information computing system) initially UNICS was written assembly language. In 1973, they re written in 'C' language named as UNIX

MULTICS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  in 1965

UNICS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> in 1969

UNIX>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  in 1973


It is a system software

It is a collection of system programs

Operating system is a interface between user & computer

It is classified in to two types.

CUI ( Character user interface) : DOS, UNIX

GUI (Graphical user interface): windows, LINUX

GUI is user friendly, CUI is a rot user friendly.










1 MULTI USER:-  more than one user can access same system resources (CPU) applications, memory, printers... etc) at the same time known as multi user

2 MULTI TASKING:- execution of more than one task (or) application simultaneously known as multitasking. The main concept of multitasking is maximum utilizing CPU resources.

3. OPEN SYSTEM:- UNIX is open source code. i.e., any user can modified unix   open source code according there ideas & requirements.

It is developed "AT&T" bell lags employees in 1973 by using 'c'  language. Using UNIX open source code.

Red hat + adding additional features >>>>>>>               LINUX

SUN micro system +  ".                                   >>>>>>>>>              SUN solarise

IBM   +     """"                                       >>>>>>>                   IBM-AIX

HP     +    ""                                                         >>>>>>>>                HP-UX

Santa Curuz +  ""                                  >>>>>>>>>>                      SCO-UNIX

Silicon graphics +      ""                >>>>>>>>>>>.   IRIX

Microsoft           +      ""            >>>>>>>>>>.          XENIX

Any operating system developed. Based on UNIX open source code known as flavour of UNIX.

Advantages of LINUX:-            Free   software


                                          NEW HARDWARE

                                          C, C++, perl, PHP, PYTHON, MY SQL........... (by default available)

Open system    

Linux is also open system

Flowers of LINUX:-                   fedora           -           Linux mandrake

                                                      Suse               -                                   puppy linux

                                          `           obuntu          -                                   turbo linux

                                                      Debain           -                                   cent o/s

                                                      Bhart o/s solutions -                      stack ware linux

                                                      Oracle enterprise linux                 

Programming facility:-            UNIX o/s provides shell. Shell works like a programming language. It provides commands and keywords.



It is an interpreter based language

Compiler based language

Interpreter converts high level instructions into machine language line by line

The whole programme in a single short into machine language

It doesn't create . exe files

Create . exe files

No reed to compile of code

Need to compile the program

It takes less lines of code

Takes numerous lines of code

Reduces case of maintenance 

Increases cost of maintenance


 Security:-   UNIX has given two levels of security

      1          system level security

      2          file level security

1.  system level security:- system level security controlled by system administration.

2.  file level security:- file level security controlled by owner of the file.

Portability : - portability means independent of hardware & processors.

Communication facility: the main concept of communication facility exchanging of information (or) files from one user account to another user account

Help facility:- man is the command to see the help

   # man perl..(SHELL SCRIPTING real time training is provided by Online Training Materials).


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