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Perl Scripting

1.      Introduction to Perl

What is Perl?

Perl is an acronym, short for practical  extraction and report language, it was designed by Larry wall as a tool for writing programs in the UNIX environment and has been continually updated and maintained by him. For its many fans, perl provides the best of several worlds. For instance:

Perl is a scripting language i.e., Perl program is interpreted not compiled. (Online Training Materials is one of the best PERL SCRIPTING Training institute)

Perl is portable across Microsoft windows and any flavor of UNIX/LINUX.        

     Perl has the power and flexibility of a high- level programming language such as C.

     Perl does not require a special compiler/linker to convert source code into working code.

     It provides easy to understand syntax and rapid development features.

     Perl is ideal for producing quick solutions to small programming problems, or for creating prototypes to test potential solutions to larger problems.

     Perl provides all the feature of the script languages sed and awk, plus features not found in either of these two languages.

In short, perl is as powerful as C but as convenient awk, sed, and shell scripts.

Where to find perl?

In UNIX/Linux machine, generally perl gets installed automatically. You may find the location of perl interpreter in UNIX/ Linux machine using following command:

after perl is successfully installed in your windows platform, you should set the PATH variable to point perl interpreter. You may do it as given below:

C:/>PATH=% PATH %d:/perl/bin/perl;

Similarly, you may set the path variable in UNIX/Linux platform as:

A sample perl program

Program 1_1A sample perl program


2:$ input line =

3:print)$ input line);


This is my line of input.

This is my line of input


Line 1 is the header comment. Line 2 reads a line of input. Line 3 writes the line of input back to your screen. The following sections describe how to create and run this program in more details. (PERL SCRIPTING Training was offered by Online Training Materials)


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