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UNIX is a CUI operating system. 

Linux is the most important achievement of free software; it has been developed for business, education & personal productivity.

Linux is not just for UNIX wizards. Linux is a clone of operating system.(Linux Admin real time training  is offered by Online Training Materials)


The journey of Unix/Linux operating system had been started from the project MULTICS (Multiple Information and Computing System) at AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) Bell labs; the software team lead by Ken Thomson, Dennis Ritchie & Rudd Candy worked on this project.

The aim of this project is to share the same data by 'n' number of users at the same time. Initially, MULTICS was developed for only two users. Based on the same concept in 1969, UNICS operating system was developed for 100's of users. UNICS stands for (Unplaced Information Computing System). Initially UNICS was written assembly language. In 1973, they rewritten in 'c' language named as UNIX/LINUX.


Operating System (O/S):

1.    It is a system software

2.    It is a collection of system programs

3.    Operating System is an interface between User & Computer.

4.    It is classified into two types.

a)    CUI (Character User Interface): DOS, UNIX

b)    GUI (Graphical User Interface): WINDOWS, LINUX. (Advanced Linux Admin Training  is provided by Online Training Materials)

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